Insight Intelligence Group will engage with you for any form of investigation you require. We work with you to ensure the success of the investigation. Our proactive investigation plan and professional team drive results for you and your team.

Factual Investigations

Our team understand the requirements for a factual investigation. Our clear and concise reports outline all of the factual evidence obtained throughout a case. We do not make opinions and base our conclusion only on the evidence to hand to ensure you can make a decision on your case.

Insight Intelligence Group provides Factual Investigations in following:
  •  Workers Compensation Insurance Claims
  •  Life, Disability and Income Protection Claims
  •  General Insurance Claims
  •  CTP / Motor Vehicle Claims
  •  Marine and Boat Claims
  •  Public Liability Claims
  •  Workplace Investigations
  •  Psychological / Harassment / Bullying Insurance Claims
  •  Superannuation Claims

Insight Intelligence Group is committed to providing the highest quality reports, services and communications.

All our investigations are conducted within the legal framework, acts and legislations.

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